Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mercilia's Three Sisters

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Concept Art of Elza

Elzavetya or Elza for short is the oldest fiore daughter of Queen Llend, and one of the four princesses that oversee parts of the Lungarde government. As one of the princesses of the city, she manages the chambers of commerce. She's currently In a strained relationship with her youngest sister Mercilia, though it doesn't seem entirely by her own choice.

Very caring and happy, she is also a somewhat chubby elf. Because of that she is constantly teased by her sisters for her weight and how much she eats, which her sister Yuliana abuses, only adding to her eating habit.


Concept Art of Lena

Eleyna, or "Lena" as she does not prefer to be called. Is the second youngest of Queen Llend's fiore daughters. From the southern quarter, she is the manager of the Chambers of Health.

She's a rather sickly sort of girl, and prefers to stay in her manor and sleep, rather than going out to parties. Finding everything boring or bothersome, she is much more content to live in her dreams. Able to sleep almost anywhere. Due the amount of time she spends inside, her health often suffers. She's often under pressure from her older sister Yuliana to do things for her rather than sleep, which annoys her. 
Concept Art of Yuliana

Yuliana is Mercilia's third and final sister. The "middle child" Yulian is princess of the northern quarter, and manager of the Chambers of Law. With Eleyna of the southern quarter, Elza of the western quarter and Mercilia of the eastern quarter.

Yuliana herself is incredibly ambitious, and she has openly declared her right to ascend to the throne after her mother. Of the royal court she uses her vast political power and the agreement of her two sisters, Elza and Eleyna to sway motions in her favor. Often belittling the flaws of her sisters as being unbecoming of refined princesses. Including Elza's eating habits and Eleyna's irresponsibility.

Mercilia who is for the most part completely abscent from the court is also the targetted by Yuliana and the public as being someone who is unfit as a moral compass and leader of society. It's for this reason Yuliana judges herself to be the prime canidate for being the heir to the queen.

However this choice is not for Yuliana to decide. The next character update is Queen Llend!


  1. Hi, I posted this comment earlier, but it was on one of the older articles, so I am going to re-post it for visibility. Sorry if it may not be pertinent to this article, I hope I can get a response from you soon.

    So I found out about this project a few months ago, either from DeviantArt or some obscure forum which I have forgotten the name of. I remember reading how you were tackling this project solo, so I was skeptical that any progress would be made in a significant period of time, especially considering how independent VNs tend to become delayed indefinitely. Imagine my surprise when I came back today to see you already have a demo up, and that you raised ten grand for your project! It is simply incredible.

    I haven't had the chance to play through the demo yet, but I am delighted to see so much progress and all of your enthusiasm over DH. That being said, I am curious about something: do you have a target demographic you are aiming to sell to, and if so, who? The reason I am concerned is because of your risque character designs. I am afraid that people will shy away from trying out your product, much like people didn't want to try out Katawa Shoujo, believing it to be nothing more than a "cripple porn sim". However, this may not be an issue, seeing how you generated significant interest already.

    I wish you the best of luck, I can't wait to try out the demo.

    1. I think that the risque character designs are a boon to the game. I will be changing some of them however, mostly because some of them don't fit in culturally and they were designed a long time ago before this much as developed.

      But I think that it's a bit for more mature audiences I suppose? Unlike Katawa Shoujo where it seems very niche but isn't, DH will be pretty niche but my goal is still to deliver a high quality story.

      That said I really wanted to realize my stories and I think I made so much progress for that reason. I think most teams who progress this slowly aren't actually working that whole length of time. I wish I could do more stories in the future and my eventual goal is to release a full sized VN every year. That's what I hope comes out of this Kickstarter. Thanks!