Friday, March 1, 2013

Character Introductions pt.1

Ku Raj
Devi Oza
Kiratani Giri

Part 1, the first 3 path characters of Vagabond. Vagabond is a second story set in the Dizzy Hearts universe.
Vagabond is a stretch goal in my Dizzy Hearts Kickstarter!

If you can, please pledge, the goal to release Vagabond entirely is 25k. Once unlocked, every pledge $10 or more gets the digital copy of Vagabond for free.


  1. Well, it looks nice and I'd like to fund your game, but only if mature (18+) version is available. Until you are unsure about it, I can't help you.

    1. Here, this should answer question about the separate game versions.

      I hope this helps! Thanks :)

    2. Yeah, I know, I've already read it. But you seem to be unsure whether there will be 18+ version or not. So when you are 100% positive 18+ version will exist, I will consider donating.

    3. Yes, I understand what you mean. In the update I clarify that there will be a version for general audiences available on my website. Then a version that has the mature content available on DLsite.

      I can understand why it's confusing but I have to split it up into two different games.

      So when you pledge, after the Kickstarter there will be a survey asking if you want the general audience version, or the mature one. If you get the game as one of your pledges then I will gift the mature version to you if that is your choice.

      I hope this answers your question. :)

  2. Oh! That's great. I guess, I have to pledge then. Sorry, the wording in that post is really confusing. Haven't got time to read the text, but the artwork is really stunning. By the way, will there be a lot of different adult content in the adult version?

    1. I understand, I am used to having a weird way of typing lol.

      I plan to have a good variation of different scenes and such. I can't go into details because it would spoil the story~ :)