Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vagabond Stretch Goal

Estimated approx. 1,000,000 words

In the elvish city of Alabast, the 'Sail in the Desert', a rogue must find a treasure deeply tied to the survival of her people.

Irya Prasaad, example concept art.

What is Vagabond?

Vagabond is a visual novel that will be set in the same time as Dizzy Hearts and will feature multiple character routes, making it longer than its predecessor. The game is set in the jewel city of Alabast, a city in the sunlit country of Prima Alabasta. It follows the story of Irya Prasaad, a rogue, a thief, a vagabond who weaves through the internal conflicts of the city that is both a symbol of wealth and of poverty, oppressed by it's bureaucratic caste of desert elves, obsessed with order and perfection, oblivious the the plight of their indentured population.

Vagabond is estimated to be much larger than Dizzy Hearts, with a plot that bridges all routes. The game will have six character routes and a final route where each route provides a piece of the puzzle necessary to discover the treasure hidden in the vaults of Alabast. It is a romance visual novel with elements of mystery, action and adventure.

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Available as a digital copy once this goal is unlocked!

Vagabond is something like Arabian Nights meets mystical high fantasy, with elves, dragon girls, a mystical race of ancient elves giving a vision of the birth of the world. Crystals, the source of an almost magical energy that can either protect the elves, or doom them. Vagabond is not only ambitious, it's off the wall ambitious.

I will be updating this periodically with more information as I get closer to unlocking this goal!

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