Sunday, February 10, 2013

Public Beta Build

This is the unedited build of my beta (build 1.03) test for Dizzy Hearts. In addition to being currently edited by my esteemed editor Shadocchi. A number of CGs and BGs and other assets are missing from the game including:

Sprite expressions.

Extra Sprite outfits.

BG backgrounds. (such as the streets of Lungarde and a few others (some black screens are only temporary))

The music is not completed and restricted to only 8 songs. Because there are only 8, the 3 predominant songs are used out of place. Because the I needed to use the music or do without completely. The other 5 songs are the character songs, which I hope you enjoy!

In the next coming weeks I will be completing the sprites as much as possible on my own time. Since this is a somewhat alpha build, the length of these scenes are not complete either, ideally they would be longer.

The main goal of this test is to raise awareness for the project. Create interest. Get players to know the characters. As well as the setting as quickly as possible. Also it's to attract a lead writer to the project.

Doing this project mostly on my own, I've had to wear all the hats. Ideally I would prefer to be project lead, artist and concept designer, and have writing headed up by someone dedicated to the team.

If I was more financially able to, I would like to hire a writer to the project.

Unfortunately I must be realistic and I am looking at the potential of completing this game on my own, where the pace will continue a lot like it is in this beta build. However I remain hopeful that my efforts to create a truly unique and different game will attract the support it has not had, and allow me to realize this game in it's full potential (And to realize many other larger, more fantastical games).

How to test:

Please read above first and keep in mind the incompleteness of this test. I appreciate ALL criticism, and to do so you may contact me at:  

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  1. On the technical side:

    1) Force text speed to be lower (defaults to maximum now), it is almost always more pleasant to the eyes than when it just pops out on screen.

    2) You need a textbox, game looks really odd without it, if you worry about pictures and backgrounds being hidden behind it, make textbox transparent, you can even add a slightly darker but still transparent logo on top of it.

    Dizzy Hearts logo looks awesome by the way :)

    3) This line of code does nothing except forcing the screen to unpleasantly flicker at game start.

    label splashscreen:
    $ renpy.pause(0)

    4) Consider doing introduction to the game in nvl mode.

    5) Use one font for names and a different font for texts.

    Looks pretty good otherwise!

    1. Thanks for the critique, i'm going to mess with a lot of the changes you suggested. There actually is a text box, but it's a bit more transparent then I'd like. This is an easy change though.

      Also, I wasn't sure what caused that flicker, I thought it was just me (Ren'py retard right here).

      I'll definitely adjust text speed as well, the goal is also to add more custom menus as well.


  2. Ehi, I've tried the beta after you told me there was one :) I've never been a beta tester, neither I know typical problems or errors in a game in development, so I can't suggest or criticize anything. I liked the story so far, it's very well done! Even if I would have preferred to watch the MC's reaction to Irraere's last word xD I would have preffered to have the opportunity to play the game a bit, like, making choices or actions, but I think I'll have to wait. Great start, keep it like this, I'm sure it will come out good :)

    1. Thanks! My goal is that there will be choices. It depends on my ability to produce DH the way I want it. You'll have to wait as see i'm afraid! haha

      Stay tuned though for more info. :)

  3. I'm okay with what I read so far.

    However, I actually like text to come instantly instead of scroll, so I set the text speed to maximum. But, what's happening now is that 1 part of a sentence or paragraph will pop up, and then next part will pop up automatically. If I am reading fast, I might accidentally skip the part that pops up. If text speed is set to instant, then every part of the sentence or paragraph should pop up at one time.

    1. I know what you mean, and there've been a lot of similar suggestions. Right now the default text speed is slower, but it can always be increased, and those delay sentences have been changed too.