Monday, January 7, 2013

IndieDB and a Fresh New Year

It's the new year now, and I've been keeping busy on a few things. People have been busy for the holidays, spending time with friends and family. The aim for the demo is roughly half way through chapter 1, and I'm working hard to make that happen, the music is sounding great so far and I've been working on the set designs for the game. In the meantime, have a rough of Llend. I've sure been spoiling this a lot havn't I?


I've been updating this quite a bit I understand, I don't know how many times I've redrawn Llend but she is by far the hardest character to capture correctly for me. She's quite an interesting character and when this picture is finished, I'll talk more about Llend and what makes her so interesting. Unfortunately there's not much that I'm able to preview very much, but I'm hoping that by the time the Demo comes out 'almost' everything will be revealed, and I can gain feedback, and talk about things relating to the game that I havn't been able to before.

Other than that, I put Dizzy Hearts up on the Desura network, over at IndieDB you can find it here:

Dizzy Hearts

Please drop by the website, follow, and take a look! Some of you know that I tend to sneak peak things, or show things on Tumblr or Twitter, spread the love a bit and entice people. A few days ago my account ended up being banned as a spam protection (trying to link to this blog), but the admin happily removed that ban, and in a week I'm going to be full force on there, previewing things, and sharing new stuff. It's my goal that things like this Blog will be used for much bigger messages that arn't really suited for twitter or IndieDB. And use IndieDB, Tumblr, Twitter to share things like sketches, drawings, sneak previews, youtube things.

I've also recently tried to answer questions more regarding DH. I can understand it can be somewhat vague as most people aren't sure what it's about. I like to answer every single comment people give to me, and I like to answer every question as best I can. So if you're curious about anything regarding the DH game, universe, etc. please ask below and I'll try to answer it!

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