Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years

There is not much to say more about the game other than the work we are putting into it to make it happen. I'm really ecstatic that in this year DH as a game and a concept has grown tremendously from where it was in 2011, 2012 also saw a huge growth is support as each month, the response has increased exponentially larger than the previous. Often times it can feel like I'm the only person who could possibly want this, but then I get a kind word of encouragement that gives me renewed hope and vigor to keep working.

I would say that moving forward, I will try to live up to the support I've gotten, and interest in my work. To grow the setting and make the game as best I can for what I want to do.

This blog post is relatively short, but in closing, I'm going to deliver you the updated Dizzy Hearts sprites I've worked hard these past few days to deliver by new years! (and I finished the last one on 12:01 in the dot!)


  1. Yay! o 7 o I know I might show like I'm a dumb person, but I just needed to tell you that I'm pretty giddy about the progress you've made. 8D
    -flies away to neverland-