Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dizzy Hearts: Concept pt.2

I'm proud to say that Dizzy Hearts is working very hard to deliver a demo now, as I push to create a running dialogue, the time I have spent drawing, and drawing for countless hours can be finally pieced together.

And while there is quite a bit to write regarding the characters. I think the time and effort that is going into making sure that the story (and characters) of a pretty alien world are as believable as possible will impress you all.

I know I have been defensive of Dizzy Hearts in the past, pretty harshly defensive. But it's only because it is my baby. And none believe in it more than I do. And while others can see the potential the game has, I look at it and I shake with anticipation at being able to show everyone what I've made.

You may hate it, you may love it. I cannot deliver anything other than what Dizzy Hearts is. Speaking from the heart I understand how weird it sounds. But, it's a dream of mine, and it lives inside my head, and I think if others could see it, the way I see it, they would love it too. Regardless of how unashamedly weird it all seems. I honestly do not know of a better way to show you what goes on in my head.

But every day I have been dreaming, and writing about every facet of this world. I truly feel dedicated to the project to the point where it consumes nearly all of my non-working free time. That's my true conviction, and of all the writers I truly admire, the worlds they have created, are them. They have poured their lives into the world itself.

At times it can be erotic, funny, Dizzy Hearts will only be a small story, set in this overall world I'm creating. I'm hoping that this isn't the end, just the beginning. I wish to tell all sorts of stories about this world, if you'd like to read them.

So without bogging your time down any further, here's:

Dizzy Hearts: Concept pt.2

The world of Dizzy Hearts is separated into 3 distinct biomes that I described before in Concept pt.1. Because of it's nature, the concept of "night" and "day" does not exist for the inhabitants of this world. Each area of these 3 biomes are extreme to some extent. With a majority of all life congregating near the terminator between the solar, and lunar hemispheres. In this twilight terminator, the influx of hot and cold air collides and creates violent windstorms. Most of the rainfall on the entire planet happens within this region. And as such it is not only the most fertile part of the world, but also the most prone to cataclysmic events. Where rivers and lakes cut through the craggy, mountainous and forested terrain to feed out into the other biomes.

Elves are the dominant race of this world, and exist in all parts of the world, evolving differently to fit their environment. As such there are Elves in this terminus as well. But because of the extreme conditions here, the inhabitants of this region are equally extreme. Somewhat more primitive than the rest of the world. Their homes are built at the base of massive trees, or in the craggy, heavily forested structures carved out by the harsh wind, rain, and rivers. Giving them shelter against violent wind storms. Here they build temples to the gods of wind, lightning, rain and thunder. Worshipping the skies and praying for their lives to be spared from the God’s constant war in the heavens, to destroy their enemies, and grant them the blessing in battle against warring tribes. There is very little in the way of civilization and higher learning in this area, the land is considered too inhospitable to live in, as cities are often destroyed by nature itself, and it’s children.

Merchant travelers of all races take their caravans across the surface of the world, mapping it's terrain, and in turn, charge local inhabitants for what they know. Selling trinkets and treasures they've brought from far away civilizations. It's said that only these Merchants know how to safely cross the terminus without being annihilated by the gods for their arrogance...

The human Assard of the solar hemisphere are a distinct minority. A new civilization compared to other races of the world. Each city is carved into the caves and hidden underground like it's own ant colony, segregated and often a mix of unknowing and ignorant of other human colonies. In coming of age ceremonies, they venture out great distances to find these other human colonies, and bring back trade and knowledge. It's because of this that it's said these humans have an almost insatiable curiosity, and a profound ignorance of the world around them. 

While humans occupy this region, civilizations of elves live on the solar hemisphere as well. Having built great kingdoms and temples above the sand, dark skinned like the Assard, their primary export and trade is the enslavement of their own people. 

In their own right, humans are fairly ingenious and resourceful, with cities built inside hollowed out caverns and intricate cave structures, with homes built into the very walls. Each family with it’s entire history carved into the pillars that are built inside their homes. By reading these histories, you can map out the entire family tree of everyone in the city, going back generations. Cultivating mushrooms and lychens for food, lighting, and medicine this is the primary food for the Assard. With Bio-luminescent mushrooms grown on posts inside blown glass bottles. In order to light the caves and streets. Inside mushroom farms, they cultivate the food for the entire colony, with little dependence on trade for food raw food. But things like clothes from mysterious cultures unknown to them, or for particularly rare and exotic spices that catch the Assard’s curiosity. Natural caves, millions of years old, are sacred to the shamans who protect the ancestry and nature of their land. Often these are the places where underground lakes naturally form. From here they are siphoned off into man-made reservoirs or water, and used by the people. It’s in this respect that the entire colony is a self-sufficient and a self-recycling system.

Of the lunar hemisphere, Elves are the dominant race of this biome, and have evolved separately over thousands of years. Uniquely suited to the low light, they are commonly white skinned, nearly albino, with pinkish/red eyes. Their culture has created a strong, and unique sense of communion between them. Like all elves, they are hermaphroditic. With a vast majority of the species born female, and only 1:10 are born hermaphroditic(fiore). Because of this, there is an immense cultural emphasis on fiore to propagate the species and prevent the birth rate of fiore from declining. They are also heavily communal species. Because of the cold climate, conservation of resources is a requirement and a single home may be occupied by an entire generation of elves. Both elves young and old take responsibility in raising and teaching children. 

Little importance is placed in society on who the children “belong” to in these communal families. Rather a single house raises all children that are born to it, and increases it’s territory, physical, financial and political with the size of their houses. Fiore politicians are often regarded much more highly by the size of their house, as a sign of their commitment to the people. Without strict parentage, it’s by choice that a fiore chooses one of their children to be an heir, and inherit what they possess when they die. But must also share responsibility in each other as they are linked both politically, but spiritually. They do not have to be related by blood, and they have known to adopt heirs into their house. Though this is commonly only done for Fiore. 

Warmth, happiness and hedonism are considered the greatest measures of wealth in elven society. Often the elf with the warmest home, is the happiest, and therefore the most wealthy. So it’s because of this, that a common ritual among elves is platonic skinship. Cuddling, hugging, and huddling for warmth in front of the fire. In the cold weather outside, Elves will commonly be seen cuddled together, regardless if they have feelings for another or not. And even then, platonic sex is not uncommon among elves. It’s often a common way of resolving business, or relieving tension. Religiously, these elves are monotheistic and the Priestesshood celebrates the progenitor of the fiore as both a prophet, and a goddess. And it’s through the faith that fiore are required to contribute to society by siring offspring. Those who do not often live as outcasts from society but such an act is almost non-existent and considered by many to be unthinkable.

To be continued in Concept pt.3


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