Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Beginnings

One of the major barriers to working on Dizzy Hearts has always been promoting it. While writing or illustrating can be difficult, there is no one around to see it unless you promote your idea. This is new territory for me and as Dizzy Hearts has been around for a while now it’s something I have never done before. But Dizzy Hearts is something i’ve found great joy in working on, and I want to continue doing it. My ideas come faster than I can share them, but without an audience to share with, it feels pointless.

It is for that reason I have had to re-evaluate my place in this project, my present actions, and future ones. There is no point in having long term goals if you do not do set short term goals in order to accomplish them. Things can’t just happen. I had been considering this move for several months now, but it wasn't until last week did I begin to implement it.

I have begun condensing myself from many projects and locations into one single space: this blog. I have made redirects from my other blogs and I have moved all relevant information relating to Dizzy Hearts here.

Now, I am going to announce something else. Due to the necessity of promoting my works, and Dizzy Hearts, I have decided I must pause and answer a question that has troubled many people about the project.

Can I actually write an interesting story? If you can't explain what Dizzy Hearts is about, how do I know you can even write at all?

It's true that the largest draw to VNs in the west is story, and these are questions I couldn't answer. Dizzy Hearts is a fairly ambitious project. It may not be momentous in size, but to me it is. And its story depends mostly on character interaction forming a love story—one that is difficult to explain without spoiling the plot. This leaves me in a position where I must sell my idea but I can't explain what I'm selling.

So this is how I came about my announcement, my plan. Development of Dizzy Hearts will temporarily stop, and I will begin a separate project: Toko.

What is Toko?

Toko is about a demon named Toko who's been kicked out of Hell. It’s about her quest to get a human soul so she can return home.

Toko will be a small kinetic novel—currently planned to be approximately 25k words—around a third of which has already been written prior to the start of Dizzy Hearts. Toko is intended to be a short story. A story about a demon girl named Toko who's failed her job as a demon and is kicked out of hell. She must earn her horns by taking a human soul, on Earth, where Toko meets Nadia. What will her reaction be when she realizes it's her soul Toko needs?

Toko will feature open-source music rather than custom-created music unlike Dizzy Hearts. Due to the small size of the project, Toko's emphasis is on the storyline and writing rather than anything else. However, I will still do my best to make the character art and CGs as professional as possible. Toko will be 18+ with full sexual yuri content, and will focus on the story between Toko and Nadia.

I hope you enjoyed what I had to say, and stay tuned for more information later!


  1. I believe in you! I know what a challenge it is to write a story and not want to tell EVERYTHING. Honestly I'm quite excited for both of them! So keep up the good work and don't let the long hours get to you, it'll be worth it in the end. ♥