Friday, August 24, 2012

Character Update: Seriva

Height: 5’1” (151cm)
Weight: 98lbs (44kg)

- Happy and naive. She oftens gets her friends in trouble to have fun.
- She is oblivious to other cultures and has not seen the outside world.
- Lacks common sense.

Seriva is a young girl from the human nation of Assard. Upon reaching adulthood, she is sent by her village to the outside world on a journey of discovery. Seriva is the MC of Dizzy Hearts and with Mercilia, are the main couple in Dizzy Hearts. She has a light-hearted, perky attitude and often tries to cheer up others rather than brood in sad situations. She tries to befriend the queen-to-be Mercillia after noticing the problems surrounding her, all the while having to understand the new and bizarre world she's in.

Assard (アッサルド)

Assard is a human country on the sun-facing side of the world. The country’s cities are mostly underground where it is livable and where fungus and plant life can grow around vast underground lakes. When a man or woman reaches the age of adulthood, it's often considered their duty to either serve in the economy or politics of their cities, or to leave and explore the world. That way, when they return they bring history, knowledge, stories and trade to the isolated country.

Because these people are subterranean, very little about them is known by other races, and little of other cultures is known to them.

Today I finally introduce the MC for Dizzy Hearts! Over a year ago (for those who have followed the project that long) I showed off a vague concept design of Seriva. Now I can finally show off her completed design as well as the completed scale graph of the heights of all the main characters.

To tell you a bit more, Dizzy Hearts is a romance story focusing on the relationship between Seriva and Mercilia. It is no secret that these two are the main pair of this game, and how they meet and how their story develops is what Dizzy Hearts focuses on. Will Mercilia, who does not want to be queen, be forced into that role? Can Irraere reconcile her past? Can Aunyrae stop having sex? What is the relationship between Nail and her mother? Will these characters grow together? These are all questions I hope to answer in Dizzy Hearts.

I wish I could tell you more, but you'll have follow me and see!

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  1. I really like her design!
    I'm looking forward for this game