Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kickstarter Successfully Funded by 300%

The Kickstarter is over, and we've achieved over 300% of our initial funding amount! It's been an amazing achievement, not only for me, but for the team. It's been a confirmation of the idea of Dizzy Hearts, when before it was doubtful it would get as popular as it has. Since I put it up in February, the demo has been downloaded over 2000 times across all websites it was available. It raised over 16k and it funded the second game in the series "Vagabond ~ The Sail in the Desert"

From here I continue. I have music and singers to pay for, volunteers who've given me their help I plan to pay and commission for future work, I have programming and website costs to cover. That all translates into the final game. I have the money to afford new RAM (given that the backgrounds you see were drawn with only 4gb of RAM, it's quite shocking they turned out so well. But that was with the prayer that my computer will survive to save every couple minutes) I now can work on Vagabond have Dizzy Hearts has finished, almost immediately after it's complete. I have in a lot of respects already have, by beginning with outlining the story for Vagabond.

It's all thanks to fans of the game who've come out to support it when the project got off it's feet.

Through development I will continue to use Kickstarter to talk to backers, and posting on this blog. However in the next few weeks I'll be phasing this blog out entirely. With the expectation that next month I will put a redirect to my new website.

Official Site:

Official Twitter:
There I plan to have an active forum and comment section, information on every character that appears in any of my games. News, a store and more to improve the visiting experience. Because while Blogger has been good to me so far, I've found it wanting in terms of flexibility, design and features.

That said, thank you all for supporting Dizzy Hearts and Studio Lupiesoft! I couldn't do it without you!

You can contact me at:


Thanks, Tao 

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