Sunday, January 27, 2013

Feb 1st and the Beta

I have some pretty cool news, that I really couldn't wait to share. Starting Feb.1st I'm going to put out an email people can use to contact me for beta test slots. I'd like to get a good amount of testers from different places, here, reddit or my blog, etc. Gather criticisms, make some changes and do it again.

My goal is to put out a working demo early Feb, within the first week or two, hopefully. Then run the tests for a week(in which you have a week to test and give a review) then make changes to the beta, then bring in more testers. My goal is to have everyone from every test included in further tests, and so far I think only two will be necessary, but you never know with these things.

The beta will be missing a few things; some of the sprites for side characters, some of the music (approx. 8 demo tracks atm), an opening, a customized options menu, title music, and some other minor things. The goal for the game is around 125~150k words, this is to be realistic. This demo is 1/3rd of the first chapter. So the prologue, chapter 1, act 1.

This places the demo at nearly 16,000 words. I would like to get criticism on every facet of the game, I also hope that this demo will get a chance to show my proof of the concept, and get people interested in the game/characters/setting, know how they act, etc.

There is a planned adult scene in the first chapter, though I am skeptical if I should include it in the beta, if I did it would only be in the second test, and only if it seems prudent. I think this is the spot where people are the most critical of the game, but as I've said before, my approach to sex in this game is true to the characters, and the setting as I had wanted since the game's inception.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them before I start getting people's information of Feb. 1st.


  1. So if I get you right, this is going to be a open Beta for everyone willing to help you find mistakes?

    1. The first test I'm going to limit. I would like to get multiple people who come from different sites and given them the game. This is more to get direct feedback on a few things from diverse areas. Then I would like to do a second test that is much more open to everyone before I put the demo link on my blog.