VA Audition Script

-Seriva Prologue-

prologue script

'Under-Great Peca is a small human city in the country of Assard. Long ago, our ancestors carved this home with their bare hands.
They left their heritage chiseled into the very walls of Under-Great Peca.'

'For us it’s sacred, and by reading these walls you can see our entire recorded history.
During the days when the people of Assard founded great cities like Under-Great Peca, we explored every inch of the known world.'

'But as time grew, the history of our people grew taller. We no longer cared about leaving our homes anymore.
We used to travel great distances but now we only trade within our borders.'

'It was every human’s duty in their coming-of-age ceremony to leave Under-Great Peca and return with something never seen before,
expanding our knowledge of the outside world.'
'But now people care more about politics and staying inside the mountain. It no longer matters what anyone is doing.
The walls speak of the Rift on the edge of Assard territory.'
'It’s an impossible range of mountains that extend as far as the eye can see and as long as legs can walk. It is as tall as it is green, lush with life.
Only the traders have crossed the Rift and come back alive; it’s a perilous place.'
'There was a group of caravans gathering over there to share their trade from different parts of the world.
I don’t think he liked me poking around in Sydney’s business.'

'The Elders say there’s nothing but desert out there—an endless desert and a burning sun—and that’s all that exists.'
'"Staying under the protective watch of Great Peca will keep us safe."'
'Dad didn’t know it, but I decided on what I was going to do.
Last night he accidentally mentioned Uncle Sydney was coming back through Under-Great Peca on his way eastward.'


'But I’ve always been a curious child, and I’ve never really listened to my father’s warnings.
I might have gotten him a bit drunk before he finally told me where Sydney was going.'
'Dad’s always been so dead-set on me taking over the fish hatchery but this meeting was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.'

'I had never gone this far before; I don’t think anyone from Under-Great Peca had.'
'I managed to secure a caravan with the trade goods I got from Sydney. It was owned by a fairly odd fellow and I knew he wasn’t human.'
'The outskirts of Assard brought people of all races together, drawn by the common purpose of obtaining wealth—this fellow was no different.'

'Most of the time I could barely understand what he was saying, but he spoke about the icy sand like Sydney did.
He even told me there is a city of trade at the edge of the world. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I got there.'
'His caravan wasn’t scheduled to come back through the Rift until a year from now.'
'But I was going to be able to meet up with him when he came back. One of the things I packed with me was one of the light-shrooms from home.'

'The elders say the sun changes size in the sky, that it has a mind of it’s own, but these mushrooms are friends with the sun and they change color as the sun changes.'
'We’ve cultivated them for generations and even the streets of Under-Great Peca are illuminated by them.'
'During the crop seasons, you could watch them change color before your very eyes.
Long ago our ancestors created our yearly calendar around them, and we’ve used them to plant our crops for generations.'



scene 1

    me "I can’t do this! You know I can’t! I can’t and I don’t want to, not at all! Everything is going wrong today!"
    me "First this stupid ceremony, then the waiting, then all the ugly dresses, and now this mongrel is attacking me!"

    se "H-hey! I’m not a mongrel! Why are you acting so rude to me?"
    'I could feel her hackles rise from here, like a snake hissing at me to keep my distance the moment I spoke up.

    She pointed directly at me, stabbing the air as she did so.'

    me "M-my name is Princess Mercilia! Just because you’re not from here doesn’t mean you can disobey me, it doesn’t!"


    me "If you’re going to speak you might as well do it now!"

    'A bit startled, I wasn’t sure what to say.'

    se "I’m sorry, I was just... looking around your house."

    me "Hmph!"
    me "You’d better not get used to staying because you won’t be here for long."

    se "I’m... I’m sorry for running into you at the shop, princess. I wasn’t looking where I was going."

    se "My name is Seriva. I’m a human from a country called Assard!
    And, um... If it’s okay with you, I would be willing to help you if you want it."

    me "I don’t care where you’re from! And I don’t need any of your help."

    se "I am sorry, miss Mercilia. I promise! If possible, I would like to be friends."

    me "Fine..."
    me "I accept your apology, Seriva..."
    me "But this doesn’t change anything between us; a princess doesn’t need to be friends with anyone!"


     se "Oh um... I was just. Wait, were you waiting for someone?"

     me "Why does it matter to you if I am looking for someone? Besides, when did you have the authority to ask me questions?"

     se "I’m sorry. Maybe I could help you find who you’re looking for?"

    me "There you go again, trying to offer advice. Unless you know where Nail is, you’re useless to me."

    'Come to think of it, Nail wasn’t at dinner.'  

    se "I haven’t seen her since we arrived. I don’t think I saw where she went either."

    me "It’s just like Nail to be gone, she’s only my bodyguard."
    me "My sister does what she pleases, everyone does as they please. I’m only the master of this house."

    se "Your sister? Is Nail a princess as well?"

    me "..."
    me "Nail was not born into the royal lineage."

    'I wasn’t sure if I asked something I shouldn’t have.'

    se "Maybe it’s not my place to comment..."
    se "But perhaps she had a good reason to leave? Like something important she had to do... for the ceremony?"

    me "Hmph! So you’re already an expert on our culture?"

    se "N-no... It’s not like that, I was just trying to offer a solution."

    me "Hmph!"
    me "It’s not like I care at all what you do!"
    me "I really don’t want your advice anyway, it’s obvious you don’t know where Nail is."


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